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40 years of sheetmetal ductwork fabrication instruction and HVAC industry experience

Classes taught by Jackie Price, over 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry and over 30 years as a sheetmetal ductwork fabrication instructor. Jackie has helped new students just starting out rise to the level of mastering the "lost art" that they now own their own businesses.

Here is Jackie Price guest teaching at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center's HVAC program in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jackie Price with a community college HV
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As students you will plan layout, fabricate and install a variety of HVAC ductwork such as cleats, straight ducts and caps, elbows, transitions, offsets, plenums, square to rounds and other ductwork as requested. The training will also include fabrication of transitions and plenums for unit replacements and change outs. We still offer layout, fabrication and assembly of all types of ductwork fabrications, plus assembly of ductwork from the CNC Plasma cutter!

The student will learn the 3 basic principles of Sheet Metal layout: Parallel line development, Radial line development, and Triangulation.

Many students come to Jackie to learn how to create custom ductwork for "changeouts" for residential HVAC systems.

He can teach you that, and more! 

Stop outsourcing your sheetmetal ductwork fabrication and learn how to do it yourself with good workmanship. 

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Read our reviews!

We invited Jackie to our shop to train our install teams on how to work with metal. Both of our lead installers were service techs first and had never worked with metal before. They learned everything that they needed to know so that they could do anything that they would ever need to in the field. The next day after class they had to build a skirt for a PGK unit. They did it with ease and even got a compliment from our client on how nice it looked. The price for this investment will pay its self-back in just a few short months and Jackie is an awesome instructor. - Bob Lauwers owner of Aspire Heating and Cooling, February 2021

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Jackie has had the pleasure of teaching his sheemetal ductwork fabrication classes to many heating and cooling professionals, here are a few:

Commercial and government HVAC students:

U.S. Department of Defense

U.S. Navy

Stanford University

Department of Homeland Security

Lockheed Martin Aviation

California State University

Merck Pharmaceuticals

AMSEC, Naval Contractor

Coastal Carolina Community College

Military Base HVAC Departments

Residential HVAC Students

Aspire HVAC: Rockville, North Carolina

Ostram Electrical & HVAC, Roanoke, Virginia

Robert B. Payne HVAC, Fredricksburg, Virginia

Geothermal Professionals, Ohio

Iceberg HVAC, Michigan
Parris Services, Manassas, Virginia

Herrings HVAC, Pennsylvania

Sensible Air Systems, North Carolina

Arc Mechanical, Vermont

Quality Heating and Cooling, New York

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Jackie Price

We now have a generation that has little knowledge of how to make a straight duct, much less custom 'fittings' from a flat sheet. There is an ever increasing need for learning the basic fundamentals. But not all Installations can be "prefab-ed".
When an installer performs a "change out" or "unit" replacement does the installer know how to design and fabricate the transitions or plenums to connect to the existing supply and returns ducts with the most efficiency and quality? If not, the customer ends up with poor workmanship and probably an underperforming system and the company ends up with a bad reputation. A HVAC system with ductwork that is properly designed, fabricated and sized is the solution to this problem.
I’m passionate about the trade, workmanship and love teaching. I want to pass along my knowledge so that individuals can advance in their career and companies can improve their bottom line.
You will learn in a relaxed, non pressure environment - Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or special needs

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